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“Utsuroi cup”selected as a VIP survenir for the Dubai EXPO.

“Utsuroi cup” selected as a VIP souvenir for the Dubai Expo
Asada Lacquer Crafts Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Representative) was selected as a VIP souvenir of the Japan Pavilion at the "2020 Dubai International Exposition (hereinafter referred to as the Dubai Expo)" selected from the award-winning products of the "OMOTENASHI Selection". President: Takashi Asada, hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has adopted the "Utsuroi Cup".

This is a great honor for us and we are very pleased that Yamanaka's technology is known to the world.

What is a Utsuroi cup?

The "Utsuroi Cup" that we manufacture is a product that makes use of Yamanaka's potter's wheel technology and coating technology. With the motif of the colors of the four seasons of Ishikawa Prefecture, the outer color is treated with metallic paint, and it is a cup with a thinly ground finish unique to Yamanaka's technique. It is produced by combining the traditional technique of Yamanaka, the potter's wheel, the wiping lacquer that emphasizes the grain of wood, and the modern metallic painting technique. We named it "Utsuroi" with the desire to express the changes of the four seasons and the shape of a new tradition. The "Utsuroi Cup" won the 2019 "OMOTENASHI Selection Western Selection Award".
Challenge to "traditional lacquer art" that incorporates trends
There are three major lacquer ware producing areas in Ishikawa prefecture: "Kiji no Yamanaka, Nuri no Wajima, and Makie Kanazawa". Yamanaka specializes in making wood using potter's wheel technology, and has made bowls and trays that make use of this technique.

However, sales will not increase with the traditional black and vermilion coating alone, and from the idea of ​​making new products by utilizing some new technology, we started developing products with new designs and colors in the fall of 2017. I did.

The vibrant colors of modern colors and the beauty of traditional painting, which are conscious of recent trends, are expressed on the stylish design by the technique of "Yamanaka of wood".

There are three sizes, S, M, and L, and each can be stored in a nested manner like a matryoshka, so it can be stored more compactly than stacking. It is also excellent for carrying and outdoors.
About future prospects
Yamanaka's potter's wheel technique and lacquer technique are famous in Ishikawa prefecture, but their name and brand are not well known internationally.

In the future, we will continue to develop products and disseminate information so that we can proactively spread Yamanaka's potter's wheel technology and lacquering technology overseas.

[Awards, etc.] 
2018 "Premium Ishikawa Brand" certified product
2019 "National Traditional Crafts Open Call Exhibition, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Manufacturing Bureau Director's Award" 
2019 "Good Design Award Winner" 
 2019 "OMOTENASHI Selection Western Selection Award" 
2021 Dubai Expo Japan Pavilion VIP souvenir selection

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2019 Good design award winner