Work of Urushi lacquer base.

The base is an important process that protects the wood and affects the quality of the middle coat and top coat. 

Apply lacquer and sharpen the lacquer to create a durable coating.

It is an invisible part when it is applied, but by modifying the invisible part, you can make a durable lacquer ware.
Mr. Tanaka, a lacquer craftsman

Why do you use Urushi lacquer base?

You don't have to use lacquer base.
In fact, in the mountains, there are many paintings finished with "Fukiurushi" that makes the best use of the grain of wood, and it is also a typical painting method of Yamanaka lacquer ware.
However, the wood does not easily contain water and is vulnerable to drying, so it may crack as it is used.

What to do there?

The wood is protected and fleshed with a clay-like putty that is a mixture of "rust" lacquer, "jinoko", "rice glue", and "tonoko".

According to Mr. Tanaka, "The foundation is like doing muscle training. By applying the foundation to prevent deterioration, you will train your muscles. We do that kind of work."
Work with a whetstone

You can’t see the groundwork, so it’s not a good idea to cut corners. The current situation in Yamanaka is that the number of groundworkers who do such important work is decreasing.

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